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An adventure beyond the Earth

Official Trailer

A Whisper in the Twilight is a wholly unique player experience, aiming to reinvent the single-player genre.


The game will be released episodically, each installment being over 6 hours of playtime.

Our mission is driven by story and experience.


The concept of A Whisper in the Twilight began with a dream. The colonized moon of Hippalectryon is at war. The Zharatians, a violent cult of zealots have captured vast territories.


The player character Zory hails from an ancient tribe known as The Skywatchers. She is one of the last of her kind. She must now save her sister and defeat a dictator.

The game is based on a strong narrative component, which relies heavily on player immersion and environmental details. The player will need to solve puzzles, discover clues, and evade danger to succeed.

You will interact with exotic plants, animals, archaic artifacts... you will explore parallel dimensions... and you will transfer your inner spirit into alien creatures.


The world of Hippalectryon is rich with lore and intrigue. You must unlock the Mechanical Arcana to prevail. Techo-merchants, mysteries, lost powers, and dangerous creatures await...

Main Crew


Max Rudy Magni
Game Designer


Danchishin Konstantin
3D Artist


Zack Leary


Ahmet Emir Çelik
Main 3D Characters


Stefano Fusi


Leo Marcucci
Sound Engineer


IG 1080 1080 mechanoid orchestra.jpeg

Mechanoid Orchestra
Music/Sound Design



Amanita Amanita



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If you like the project, consider supporting us with a donation via Paypal. As you already understood, creating something like this, for a small team as our, is a titanic undertaking.

Even a small amount makes a difference.

You can make the difference.

Max Rudy Magni

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