An adventure beyond the Earth.


Who, how and... why?

Main Menu Music

Introducing Elena Ravelli - Music

Gameplay Footage

Main Items in game...

Speed Level Design

Introducing Zack Leary

Video / Screenshots

Max Rudy Magni - Game Designer
Zack Leary - Writer
Stefano Fusi - Programmer

Ahmet Emir Çelik - 3D Characters

Danchishin Konstantin - Animated Plants
Mechanoid Orchestra - Music/Sound Design
Leo Marcucci - Audio Engineer
Elena Ravelli - Lead Singer

Voice Actors in the Game:
Chiara Mildon - Zory
Zack Leary - General Gundhram Rourke

Greg Gidney - Liam Cooper
Laura Williams - Dijara
Frank Fortune - The Pilot/Mundu
Max Magni
Noah Lee

Logo by Panik Industries

Aquiline Two Font by Manfred Klein
Ritalin Font by Apostrophic Labs

Cenobyte Font by Sinister Fonts

At the moment, the Crew is:


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