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Inorganic Visions music label is a project born in the luminen metsä of northern Finland, now headquartered in Milan, Italy. Our artists are friends and hold the rights related to their music. We're a sort of dark container and we take care about mastering and artwork.

So... yes... we tell stories. 


And the music? You ask...
Music IS a story.


Personally, I believe that music have to enrich and enthrall the listener and this means that it has a huge influence on people's lives.
And this is called magic.


An album is basically an audio story told through vibrations that act on those who produce them and on those who receive them.

Taking into account this principle, Inorganic Visions is a dark sonic maelstrom, a magical vibe and a collection of stories.


But there's some sort of ancestral chant which animates all the Inorganic Visions's artists. An obscure plasma that makes its way through darkness and dreams... these are the ones who harmonize our nocturne soundscapes and our oneiric tones.

All right, let me make this easy on you...  we tell our stories through theatrical soundtracks, ambient music, noir settings, dark orchestrations, noise, dark jazz/blues, drones, cinematic atmospheres, video game music, talented instrumentalists, horror and sci-fi sound design and original audio books.


From this perspective, music is a primordial travel among us and outside, an astonishing journey passing through infinite spaces.

So put your headphones on, dim the lights and enjoy the ride.


Max Rudy Magni
Inorganic Visions

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