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NoMan’sSky Image Logo by Gordon Johnson

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NoMan'sSky Editions is a brilliant idea of Ásbjörn D..

We don't accept manuscripts. We don't publish. We're not even a publishing company.

We are a seal of quality, a kind of unique talisman. We believe in face-to-face relationships. We believe books are spells. We think words can change the world.

We are translators, editors, writers, readers, travelers, photographers, concept artists, painters and free thinkers. We are full-timers, motorcyclists, scientists, performers, professors. We don't like the politics of the world and we want to improve it thanks to the art.
We want to keep the flame on.

We don't have Facebook or shit like this.
Our headquarter is the world. Our virtual control centre is Reykjavík, Iceland.

If we ever meet one day, we can cooperate together.

Ásbjörn D.

Our Book Series:

Atlantis Collection (Novels and Tales):

Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, Futurology, Cyberpunk, Noir, Political Fiction, Urban, Pulp.

Head Editor: Ásbjörn D.

Fantasya Collection and Obsidian Collection (Novels and Tales):

Genre: Science Fantasy, Weird Fiction, Horror, original Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Cosmicism, Comic Fantasy, Fantasy Novels. No idiot fairies, vampires or sirens. No stupid things like Harry Potter. 

Head Editor: Samara Blunt

Dark Poetry Collection (Poems):

Genre: Human Interest, Horror, Sci-fi, Travels.

Head Editor: Æsgerður  Kristiansen

Edward Bond Collection:

Genre: Original theatrical scripts with a strong impact.

Head Editor: Muna Lloyd

Agatha Collection (Comics and Graphic Novels):

Genre: Surreal/Sci-fi/Horror stories characterized by dark atmospheres.

Head Editor: Ásbjörn D. and Kira Rocco

We are:

Art Director/Copy

Ásbjörn D.


Ásbjörn D., Muna Lloyd, Æsgerður  Kristiansen, Kira Rocco, Naira Saba, Samara Blunt, Aron Navajo, Winona Hämäläinen, Wacanda Cooper, Esmeralda Fiore.



Ethan Bell, Pascal Dubois, Max Von Morghuer, Denis Kelly, Isabella Opizzo, Alexandre Fournier.


 Have a nice day.

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